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    • + Shop produce, crafts, gift items and tropical flowers from 200 local Farmers and Crafters.

    • +A pleasant half mile hike through a lush rainforest filled with wild orchids, bamboo groves and draping ferns.

    • + Enjoy delicious, local food from world famous Tex Drive In.

    • + Exquisite breath taking views of Big Island's Waipio Valley.

    • + Visit ancient lava flows of cultural significance.


    1. Hilo Farmers Market

    2. Downtown Hilo

    3. Akaka Falls

    4. Waipio Valley look out

    5. Parker Ranch

    6. Pu'ukohola Heiau

    7. Spencer Beach Park

    8. Saddle Road 1984 Lava Flow

    9. Mauna Kea State Park


    Child 0-2yrs: Free
    Child 3-12yrs: $98.99
    Adult: $118.99 

    TOTAL TRIP TIME: 6.5-7 hrs  Our average stop is roughly 30 minutes with longer stop times at key destinations.


    If you or your family enjoy the leisurely experience of perusing local markets, immersing yourself in nature, and learning about the rich cultural history of the Big Island this tour is for you. Our Historic Circle Island Tour will take you through some of the Big Island's most famous natural wonders,  expose your eyes, nose, and palate to a plethora of exotic tropical flavors, and immerse you in the Big Island's living history. 

    We begin our tour in the quaint coastal town of Hilo on the Big Island's east side. There, we introduce our guests to Hilo's Farmers Market. Let the slow pace of island life set in as you shop for produce, local food, crafts, and tropical flowers from over 200 local vendors. After some shopping, we begin our journey northward along the beautiful Hamakua coast to our next stop, Akaka Falls.

    Enjoy a short hike to Akaka Falls as we take you along the lush rain forest that surround the national park. Wild orchids, bamboo groves, and draping ferns grow in abundance around the 442ft waterfall towering over the valley gorge below.

    Next, we make our way over to world famous Waipio Valley. In addition to being a photographers dream, the ancient valley became known as "The Valley of Kings" and served as home to numerous native Hawaiian Chiefs.

    Our tour continues north to one of the Big Island's most influential landmarks in modern history: Parker Ranch. The Ranch, now more than 160 years old and over 500,000 acres, has been host to many pivotal changes in Hawaii's history. (Visit for more info). 

    Our journey along the Hamakua coast ends with a visit to the Pu'ukohola Heiau. One of the largest restored heiau (temple) in Hawaii, Pu'ukohola Heiau was a site built to fulfill a historic prophecy. For more information please visit the National Park Service Website.

    Finally, we make our way back to Hilo via the scenic Saddle Road. Nestled in between the Big Island's 2 sister mountains, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, Saddle Road is surrounded by ancient lava flow sites of historical significance. Discover the remnants of ancient Hawaiian villages that were destroyed by lava which still bare the petroglyphs of ancestral masons.


    • What items will I need for this trip? We recommend you bring water, sun protection (hat, sunscreen). Closed toed shoes are also recommended.

    • How physically strenuous is this tour? Light phsyical activity.

    • What should I wear? Due to Hawaii's varied weather conditions, cool clothing, pants/shorts, windbreaker jacket, umbrela, and sunglasses are recommeded to be prepared for any type of weather conditions we may encounter on your tour.

    • What areas of the Big Island do you provide hotel, airline and cruise ship pick ups? We provide pick up shuttle services for all International airports (ITO, KOA) as well as Hilo and Kona Piers.

    • How do I schedule a pick up from my hotel or cruise ship? Due to our partnerships with hotels, cruise lines and international airports on the Big Island, our pick up schedules are tailored to most international arrivals for Hilo and Kona. Call us and we can help you verify your travel arrangements.

    • What languages do you support for this tour? English, Chinese, Korean

    • What if I need to cancel or reschedule my tour? See our cancelation policy or call us to make further arangements.


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